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"Wish I could show you, Wish you could see through my eyes" - Feeder


Born: In the 80's
Origin: Stockport, the home of many things I'm sure

Key Stats: A lefty at heart

About Me

I am passionate about my family and my photography! With having had a wee one come into our lives in 2013, life has never been so great. I am certainly experienced in the "big kid" aspect of family life thanks to our JK allowing me to rekindle my youth. I think that because of my awesome family ( ZK included of course :p ) it enables me to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment where children, adults and the whole family can have fun enjoying each other’s company, while we capture natural images. Life is busy, who would have thought? In my spare time (yes it does occasionally happen... honest) I enjoy getting out and about visiting new places and getting the camera to capture glimpses of what my eyes see.

Personal Info

  •  Stockport, Manchester